Dread Or Dead: About Us


Dread or dead surf shop has been around since 1995. The store is a family run business that started from very small beginnings and has over the years grown into a fully-fledged surf shop that can rival any store the world over for the products we carry and friendly service. Russell Garrett, a surfer for life and a father of five, created a life style from a passion for surfing.  The shop was born out of an obsession to ride waves but also came to exist from board repairs, surf school and surf tours.

Being a father he felt it necessary to pass on of his surfing knowledge to his children having remembered himself how much easier it could be to learn with a little push in the right direction and so formed a surf school to teach those not born into the lifestyle and sport.

The surf school has since taught many children and adults to surf. Surf lessons are now not only done by himself but by the whole team of friendly accomplished surfers. Matthew Kydd, second in command, employee and close friend joined the shop shortly after it was opened. They met at a local surf contest here in Barbados where Matthew proving himself as a very talented young surfer.  Shortly following several contest victories and consistently placing in the top three Matthew was adopted by the dread or dead surf shop as a team member and sponsored with the necessary equipment he needed to aid him in his training and to help him fulfil his potential as a competitive surfer.

Since then Matthew has won several national championships in Barbados and also represented Barbados at the world titles on many an occasion and ranked respectably. Matthew now is fully involved in the day to day activities of the shop and also in our “extra-curricular activities” of daily afternoon surf sessions as a friend of Russell’s and his sons Kane, Axe and Tai. Matthew is now himself a father and like Russell, has left the competitive arena.  Now Axe has taken up the competitive surfing.  These days, the old team free surfs giving Axe valuable tips to progress his competitive surfing.

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