Dread Or Dead: Surf School

Never surfed in Barbados before or you’ve never surfed before at all? Well here’s your chance. “Dread Or Dead” surf lessons are designed to get you up to speed on the “in’s and out’s” of surfing in Barbados safely and professionally.

Our mission is to ensure that you reap the benefits of the premier surf destination in the Caribbean, right here in Barbados and our instructors know just how to get you started. Surf lessons are available for the absolute beginner, who has never surfed before through to intermediate and advanced level surfers wishing to improve their technique and perform like the pro’s do, with our expert advice of course.

Let us handle the logistics, so you can spend more time in the water and enjoy the spirit of surfing and all that Barbados surfing has to offer, which you will surely feel and enjoy as you travel the island. Our experienced guides will chauffeur you to and from your hotel to our surf destination that perfectly suit your needs.

All first lesson’s start at BDS$150.00 (US$75.00) with all additional lessons at BDS$100.00 (US$50.00) allowing you to choose how many lessons you need and a perfect time within which to take them. We have 4 full time instructors and it is our opinion that no group should exceed 4 persons per instructor.

First visit lesson BDS $150.00 (US $75.00)

Additional lesson visit BDS $100.00 (US $50.00)

First lesson’s will include approximately 20 minutes of beach instruction (demonstration, surf instruction, surf etiquette and safety) followed by approximately 2 hours 30 minutes of water time depending upon the individuals stamina. All additional lessons will include 2 hours 30 minutes of water time and continual instruction.

Just come along with your beachwear, towel and plenty of sunblock and we will provide the rest. Book in advance to save disappointment and get ready to experience Dread or Dead surfing lessons.

As clients and spectators you also get to appreciate our complimentary facilities at the beach shop. Amaryllis beach resorts boasts one of the nicest beach on the south coast, with Brandon’s (our home break) less than 5 minutes’ walk along beach. To view daily surf reports and pictures go to http://www.surfline.com/surf-report/brandons-barbados_6831/#  or follow us on Facebook.

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