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Surf Barbados

Well the long awaited south coast swell is certainly here, I have surfed Brandons  every day for three weeks sometimes 3 times a day ,today was such a day. It was’nt the biggest day . But it certainly was the best . The waves were 3-5 ft clean and sweet allowing you to make any turn you wished. My first session was on my new 6/4 scorpion .the second on Tanks 9/1 Mc Tavish. I got 3 lovely set waves on that. Last session back on the scorpion , just a bit nippier. The surf tour was Brandons  all the way as my Tour director Brandon was having a blast. Brandon at Brandons obviously made for each other. My guest later had lunch at Brown Sugar before i returned the family to the cruise terminal after a good surfing and eating day in Barbados . When asked if they enjoyed themselves ,They replied ,we’ll be back. enough said . Russell


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