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Finding a good break for surf  lessons is often challenging . At dread  or dead our beach shop location is 200 yards from Brandons arguably the best surf break on the south coast of Barbados. maybe not so arguably as Surliine has chosen it as the only break on the south that is worthy of a surf report or listing. However it can sometimes get a bit much for beginners so what do we do ? No worries around the corner we go to pebbles a totally sheltered bay . Crystal  clear water sandy beach ,showers ,Toilets, and of course Cuzz, renound in Barbados for his now famous fish cutters and egg cutters. Or egg and cheese , or everything egg .fish, and cheese, sounds weird ? just try one . everyone of our hungry and thirsty surfers we take there cant believe how good they are or how reasonable the price is. Only draw back . prepare to cue up for a while . That can also be challenging when your hungry and thirsty. Russell


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