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The DreadorDead  surf school has been in operation now for 16 years. This  is quite an accomplishment now a days as most things hardly go past the warranty date. Yes EST 1995 , for sure we started the whole surf school thing off in Barbados and yes myself and Matthew learnt a few things along the way about teaching people to surf and making the journey fun. Our experience with children and adults of all ages un matched by any other surf school in Barbados. Just ask any other school in Barbados how long they were in operation and where  they got the idea from. Matthew and myself were actually made fun of in the early days as we took clients surfing in our vintage mini moke with 6 boards on top and 6 people inside. Did they ever complain ?No, Never. They always had fun and a large number of our clients are now surfers and return each year to see Matt and myself have a beer and go for a surf. Ryan and his Brother former  surf students from NJ actually sent us a few new customers this week .Thanks Guys . So here i go ,to the point . Today i took a look at Trip advisor and for the first time in 16 years of  Surf lessons i see a comment . At First i was pleased because i’ve never had any kind of comments before good or bad and i’m glad to see the thing is real i was begining to think it didn’t work,or you write your own good report and keep it all fresh. Well our first ever printed review was a bad one . I was choked , I remembered the client as it was the same day. 4 text 2 overseas calls christmas eve and the day before ,cruise ship terminal pick up. broken english asking me to sort out a scuba dive for 2 ,frantic as everything was booked up In Barbados. Famous last words don’t worry about the money I’ll fix you up. Hmmm i’m thinking, my thing is surf what the hell am i doing here ? why on earth is this guy mistaking me for a tour rep and they are coming the next day . No Time . So i’m on The phone to all my scuba friends and they are all booked up and i understand ,so are we. Then by luck i see my buddy from dive blue and after 5 minutes of begging he says he’ll take the 2 of them.Cool i’m thinking this guy is going to be pleased i pulled off the impossible what do i charge for that ,i thought .Nothing it’s Christmas .what do i charge for all the calls ? Nothing , be charitable .Apparently I was late for the pick up at the cruise  ship terminal . Have you ever seen a Cruise ship terminal with 3 ships in Barbados  full of christmas tourist, .Caios .I was lucky to find them at all i thought . However mission accomplished lets get these folks diving and surfing.So just out of conversation i asked dad how was the cruise so far. I wished i never asked everything had gone wrong no luggage ,had to buy clothes in Miami,ext ,ext i dropped dad and his young one off diving and take mum and son surfing mum is just spectating. We had a group lesson going on and Matthew is in charge the waves are good 3-4 ft pebbles fun for all . Come back to collect every one and take my guest back to the cruise terminal . can’t find dad look around for a while cant keep the others waiting Its christmas eve we all have things to do places to go, have to leave ,at least i’ve got mum and son .Drop every one off mum and son seem happy been chatting all the way home to the cruise ship . Then mum ask’s me how much . Wow i’m thinking you guys been real stress a grand would be about right.However I’m in a good mood its christmas ,$100 USD i said , as a group surf lesson is $75 and your son wanted a special board what the hell $25 is cool . they paid said thanks . we parted company on pleasant terms ..a month later i got an e-mail from dad ,he wasn’t happy. It was too expensive , we did’nt take good enough care of his son, the waves were too small ,we weren’t on time I thought for a while and replied i’m sorry  You had a bad time, If and when you return to Barbados your son can come and surf with me for free. I hope this will make things right.Just to keep things cool. Now i ‘m reading this on trip advisor. GOOD GRIEF. Ok here i go if you want to keep a stop watch running in Barbados to keep time especially for surfing you are persuing the wrong sport in the wrong country with the wrong people real surfers just don’t do that. I do not control the weather hence wave size is out of my control. If You are counting your pennies please do not make me believe i will be paid for my Troubles. I am not a travel agent or tour rep nowhere do i advertise scuba, i sometimes however bend over backwards to help my clients as i did with you and your family.Matthew has worked with me from the start and never has any one complained. I wonder if we were the only ones that did not reach your high standards ? I’m not convinced it was us you want to lash out at for a mere $100 USD as i have been tipped more than this already, maybe the holiday was going bad from the moment you realized you had no fresh clothes and your baggage was lost. We at least offered you a free surf lesson as compensation .did the cruise ship offer you a free holiday compensation ? I’ll sign off now with some words from the prophet BOB for you sir with no bad feelings what so ever . JUDGE NOT LEAST YOU BE JUDGED.


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