Dread or Dead
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Dread Or Dead surf tours are devoted to providing unforgettable surf adventures for our customers. Our tour packages are very flexible and aim to maximize your time in the water while focusing on the kind of waves you are comfortable with.

Come enjoy the beautiful waves of Barbados on one of our guided surf tours, without having to worry about anything. Our experienced surf guides have a wealth of local knowledge, secret spots, and know the conditions required for certain spots to produce the best possible surf.

They are trained in First Aid, CPR, and have surfing experience in all conditions. Don’t know which board to choose? Not to worry, our qualified and capable staff will assist you in choosing the perfect board to suit your needs.

We also offer affordable board rentals so you can avoid expensive airline fees and damage to your boards. We have several other tour packages starting as low as $100 USD /$200 BDS Half day $150 USD / $300 BDS Full day $200 USD / $400 BDS per person available on a full or half-day basis. If none of our tour packages fit your needs, please feel free to email or call and we will create a custom tour that works for you.